Kriska Erika

Kriska Erika
Central Medical Content Hub

She earned her degree in business communication at the Metropolitan
University, and in 2018 she earned another degree as a health
communication spokesperson at the University of Sopron. After completing
her studies, she worked in the media in the sales field, at Sanoma Budapest
and Central Media Group, and has been dealing with health
communication for nearly 20 years.
As a health communication expert, she initiated many prevention
programs and planned disease awareness campaigns.
As the professional manager of the Central Medical Content Hub, the goal
of her work is to deliver authentic patient education, verified and reliable
information to the population.
She considers it extremely important that the media and companies
operating in the health sector also have a huge responsibility in informing
the population. An essential factor is compliance with the journalistic code
of ethics and the delivery of authentic information. Honesty, independence,
reliability and sensitization should be highlighted among the most
significant values

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