Domokos Entz

Entz Domokos
managing director
Sofmedica Hungary

In 2008, he obtained his MSc degree in Economics with a specialization in marketing
and communication. Coming from a historical physicians' family, he has always had
an affinity for medical terminology and the healthcare industry. After completing a
short trainee program at L’Oreal, he decided to transition his career to the medtech
industry, taking on various roles both domestically and internationally.

Thanks to his fluency in English, German, and French, he began his medical journey
at Diatron as a Sales Distribution Manager, where he gained experience in
understanding cultural differences between countries and becoming familiar with
multiple healthcare systems. He then joined Covidien, one of the world's largest
multinational companies, actively participating in the launch of a new solution for
stroke patients in south and eastern Europe.

Subsequently, he returned to the IVD business to establish a start-up hematology
manufacturing company from scratch, taking the lead in creating and implementing
sales and marketing strategies. As part of this role, he traveled extensively worldwide
and successfully established two regional offices in Malaysia and Dubai.

At Medtronic, he managed the CRHF team and served as the business unit manager,
successfully executing the national pacemaker tender. Later, he was offered a
position at Johnson and Johnson, where he led the Ethicon team, expanding his
network within the field of surgery.

Recently, he had the opportunity to drive significant change in the world of surgery
by introducing robotic-assisted surgery to Hungary, a game-changing innovation
that allows surgeons to operate on patients remotely. As the first employee of
Sofmedica Hungary, the exclusive distributor for Intuitive Surgical Inc., he played a
crucial role in bringing the company to live and making this technology accessible in
the Hungarian market.

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