prof. Attila Szijártó, MD

Szijártó Attila
physician, surgeon, university professor, director of the Surgical Transplantation and Gastroenterology Clinic, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Semmelweis University

In 2001, he obtained a general medical degree at Semmelweis University. Since receiving his diploma,
he has been teaching and working at the 1st Surgery Clinic to this day. Over the years, he gradually
worked his way up the teaching ranks at the clinic (2001-2008 resident, medical candidate, 2008-
2011 teaching assistant, 2011-2016 assistant professor, 2016-2019 associate professor, from 2019
university professor). Since 2020, he has been the director of the newly transformed, wide-profile
clinic (Surgery, Transplantation and Gastroenterology Clinic).
From 2013, he is the president and founder of the Young Surgeons Section of the Hungarian Surgical
Society, then the president of the Foundation's board of trustees, from 2018 the president of the
Scientific Student Council of Semmelweis University, from 2019 the president of the Surgical
Committee, from 2022 the head of Semmelweis University's Robotic Surgery Program, From 2023, he
is a regular member of the Doctoral Council, head of the Department of Operative Medicine, and
actively participates in the work of several committees and councils of Semmelweis University
(Senate, Doctoral School, Habilitation Committee, Legal Remedies Committee). He participated in
numerous professional study trips abroad in England, Japan, the Czech Republic, and Germany.
So far he has published about 121 publications, is the professional editor of 1 book, author of 5
surgical book chapters, and has been cited over 1,100 times. In 2007, he obtained a PhD degree, in
2008 he passed the surgical examination, in 2015 he obtained his habilitation at Semmelweis
University, in 2016 he received the title of Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The focus
of his research is hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery.
He is a member of several national and international scientific societies dealing with
gastroenterological surgery.
His most important awards: Outstanding Academic Student Circle Instructor, St. Cornelius Award,
Merit Award, Excellent Ph.D Supervisor Award, Pro Universitate Award; Master Teacher Medallion;
Ernő Jendrassik Award, received 2 MTA János Bólyai postdoctoral fellowships.

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