Gergely Németh

Németh gergely
Gyógyszerész tanácsadó
Semmelweis Egyetem – Egészségügyi Menedzserképző Központ

Gergely Németh graduated as a pharmacist in 2004 in Budapest. He started to work at the department in
charge of reimbursement of pharmaceuticals by the Hungarian authority for health insurance and has
been involved in planning and implementing the Hungarian generic pricing policy since 2007. He has been
actively engaged in developing applications and databases for supporting the pricing and reimbursement
of pharmaceuticals. He has been the project manager of the EURIPID project since its establishment in
2010. The EURIPID project is a non-profit and voluntary initiative of the national competent authorities of
Europe for the mutual sharing of pharmaceutical pricing information. Since November 2022 he has
worked as a pharmaceutical consultant at the Health Management Training Centre of Semmelweis
University where his main duties encompass the utilization of the existing health data related to
pharmaceuticals and support of uptake of digital health applications with the ultimate objective of
improving patient safety and quality of care.

Keynote 2023