Peter Andreka MD, PhD

Peter Andreka
general director
Gottsegen National Cardiovascular Center

I graduated from Semmelweis Medical School in 1993 and started working at the 2nd Department of
Internal Medicine at the same university. After my board in internal medicine, I travelled to the US to
University of Miami where I did cardiology research and started my training in cardiology. I got board
certified in cardiology in 2002 and got the PhD degree in the same year. I got invited to the
Gottsegen National Cardiovascular Center and became the chief of Department of Adult Cardiology
in 2006. I was working as an interventional cardiologist and performed several structural
interventional cardiology procedures first in Hungary with my team. I got board certified in
anesthesiology and intensive care in 2008. I was invited as a visiting professor to the University of
Aberdeen to teach interventional cardiology for six mounts in 2012. In December 2015 I was
appointed as the vice medical director and in December 2017 as the general director of the
Gottsegen National Cardiovascular Center. In 2019 I got appointed as the chief of Cardiology Section
of the Hungarian Professional Medical Council. In 2022 I became professor of cardiology at the
University of Pecs. In 2023 I became the chief of the Hungarian Professional Medical Council. During
my directorate the team of our Institution became very much devoted to national and international
medical research and medical education. We run several PhD and clinical fellowship programs for
both national and international students and publish our projects in leading international peer
reviewed journals. My vision is to make Gottsegen National Cardiovascular Center visible and
recognized also in field of international cardiovascular medicine.

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