Dr. János Zlinszky

 Zlinszky János
BENU Hungary

He graduated as a pharmacist in 2002, after graduation he started to work in public pharmacies and
then he worked in the pharmaceutical industry. He joined BENU Group in 2007. He has been member
of the Board of Directors of BENU Magyarország Zrt. since 2010, and he is COO since 2020. Dr. János
Zlinszky is credited with building the BENU brand in Hungary, which currently includes nearly 400
public pharmacies. He is responsible for nearly 20 percent of the public pharmaceutical supply in
Hungary. He has been Vice President of the Association of Pharmacy Networks since 2012 and he is
President since 2020.
As COO of BENU Magyarország Zrt. and as the President of the Association of Pharmacy Networks he
believes in quality pharmaceutical supply, always putting the patient first. The advantages of
digitalisation are of high importance for him, to make even better use of and integrating those
advantages into the public pharmaceutical supply. Digitalization could help to provide simpler and
faster professional services for the patients and therefore more effective, personalized therapies can
be implemented for them.

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