Adrienn Júlia Kiss

Kiss Adrienn Júlia
Chief Commercial Officer Diagnostics Division
Roche Hungary

She graduated from Kossuth Lajos University as a chemist and English professional translator. Later in 2018, she obtained another diploma from Károli Gáspár Reformed University, specialising as a mental health specialist. Ever since completing her studies, she has been working in the healthcare sector. After previously working for Johnson & Johnson and GE Healthcare, in November 2014 she continued her career in the Diagnostics Division of Roche Hungary Ltd, where she held several leadership positions in sales and marketing. From 2016, she has been the Commercial Director of the Diagnostics Division.

In her work, it is important for her to represent and convey values to her colleagues and partners that focus on the interests of patients. She believes that partnership is the cornerstone of sustainable healthcare in the long term and that collective thinking and shared experiences bring the best solutions. She is working to establish a balance between the digital world and maintaining human connections in everyday life.

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