András Ujhegyi

Ujhegyi András
Chief Sales Officer/ Deputy CEO
Delta Systems

András Ujhegyi graduated as an economist from the Budapest University of Economics in 2004 as an expert in international relations. He has more than two and a half decades of experience in various fields of the IT and telecommunications industry.

He started his career at Westel Radiotelephone Ltd. in 1998, then after a 2.5-year period at Ikarus Plc. he continued at Westel 900, after which he worked for Invitech's predecessor, Vivendi Telecom Hungary first in the B2B, later in the wholesale sales division.

From 2006 he was Deputy Sales and Operations Director of HSBC Hungary, interim commercial director of eTel Hungary, then Head of Wholesale Mobile Segment at Invitel Zrt., and from 2017 Deputy Chief Commercial Officer of MVM-Net Zrt.

He joined Delta Group in 2020 and as Chief Sales Officer/ Deputy CEO, he leads the group's commercial activities. He speaks English, Russian and German.

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