Lia Menyhárt


Menyhárt Lia, as a product design engineer, has deeply committed herself to digital product development over the past eight years. With her own company, WHITEWATERKRAFT Ltd., she has supported clients from comprehensive user research to the moment of product launch.She is a firm believer in user-centered design. When shaping products or services, it's not only crucial to pay full attention to the needs and expectations of users, but to consider the requirements of all stakeholders, ensuring the most optimal design for everyone involved. Five years ago, she ventured into the healthcare sector. Since then, she has considered the digitalization of healthcare her mission, believing that with innovative solutions, the entire care system, including patient pathways, can be optimized, resulting in positive societal impact. As the founder and CEO of MEROVA Health Plc., she is dedicated to supporting diabetic patients.

Keynote 2023