Szabolcs Szolnoki

Szolnoki Szabolcs
Deputy State Secretary for Technology
Ministry of Economic Development of Hungary


Currently, as the Deputy State Secretary for Technology at the Ministry of Economic Development of Hungary, my primary mission is to design and implement programs which foster the technological maturity level improvement among Hungarian companies. I am also a researcher and a PhD candidate. In the past, as the Chief Innovation Officer to the President my primary assignment was counseling and generating project initiatives related to university-centric innovation ecosystems. As the founder of an international NGO I was dealing with innovation and humanitarian technology transfer. Earlier, as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Valorisation at Express Innovation Agency my role was to make scientific insights available and useable to industry; transforming knowledge and technology into something tangible for the benefit of the society and the economy. I used to be the former Deputy CEO for Innovation and Business Development at EAC Group, the most emerging multi-strategy firm in the CEE region operating consulting, investment and IT technology development arms. Between 2017-2021 as the diplomat for scientific and technological affairs in Tel-Aviv, my job was initiating projects mainly in cybersecurity, fintech, life sciences, mobility and space-industry. I am also the former head of startup relations of the governmental Export Promotion Agency (HEPA) and former head and concept developer of Budapest capital city’s municipal startup incubator and microfinance provider (BVK). At the begining of my carreer I worked as an employment policy expert at the Ministry for Economy and earlier at a parliamentary group. I also am involved in co-managing our family's enterprises.

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