Zsolt Bella MD PHD Med. Habil.

Bella Zsolt
NOÉ Egészségközpont

Assistant Professor. ENT physician, Allergologyst. Spec. interest: Rhinology, Scull Base and OSAS
surgery. Head of the Rhinology of the ENT and Head Neck Surgery Department at University of
Szeged, Hungary, cofounder of the Endoscopic and Minimal Invasive Skull Base Team. General
Secretry of Hungarian Oto-Rhino and HNS Society, Board Member of the Hungarian Allergology and
Clinical Immunology Department. Hungarian delegate of the Europian Rhinological Society. The
founder and owner of the NOÉ Egészségközpont, Szeged Anno 2008. The cofounder of the Budai
Allergiaközpont. The president of Szeged Első Lions Club in 2020-22.