Attila Máté

dr. Máté Attila
founder, managing director
eHealth Software Solutions

He received his law degree from the Faculty of Law of the University of Miskolc in 2001, and in 2012
he received his master degree from Faculty of Health Scienses of Semmelweis University. Between
2015-2018 she led the eHealth working group of the IT Pro Society Association, between 2016-2017
he was an innovation and IT advisor of the Healthy Budapest Programme, and he was an expert of
the Health Industry Development Strategy of the Digital Success Programme. In 2004 he founded
ReMark Solution Selling Ltd., currently a consultancy company, and in 2010 he transformed eHealth
Software Solutions Ltd., which he owns and manages, into a software development company.
Customers of his companies include national medical institutions, hospitals, central healthcare
institutions, multinational and Hungarian healthcare corporations and domestic start-ups. eHealth
company has developed and operates four national disease registries and it is an accredited
development partner of the EESZT. Its business consultants involved in the writing of the National
Digitalisation Strategy and the E-Health Strategy.