Sándor Kovács

Kovács Sándor
Head of Technology and Data Asset Management Department
University of Pécs

Sándor Kovács graduated as a biologist from Eötvös Loránd University in 2006. Since then, he has
worked in various departments of the University of Pécs, initially in basic research, and since 2016 in
the field of healthcare and management. He obtained his master’s degree in Health Policy, Planning
and Financing in 2018. He then joined the Syreon Research Institute part-time as a health economist.
From 2020 he has been leading the data analysis team at the Centre for Health Technology
Assessment and from 2021 he is head of Technology and Data Asset Management Department at
University of Pécs. He is focusing on novel areas of health technology assessment like mHealth,
eHealth and the integration and assessment of digital health technologies in patient care, and the
secondary utilization of healthcare data.