Zsigmond Máriás

Máriás Zsigmond
Managing Director, IT E-commerce Development Specialist
LogiNet Systems

I graduated as a programmer mathematician at ELTE in 2007, but I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so immediately after graduating I founded my company, LogiNet, which I have developed over the past 15 years from a 2-person garage company to a 100-person group of companies.

At LogiNet besides being an end-to-end software development company we also have a 10-person UX agency - 22.design. We provide solutions primarily in the e-commerce field for our clients (Phoenix Pharma, Penguin Pharmacy, Vodafone, Auchan or Mountex).

Apart from my managing director role the most important area I am still actively involved in is product development and innovation. In addition to business development, I have maintained my interest in technology, which I have put to good use as a university lecturer and as a regular speaker at events.

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