Szabolcs Szolnoki

Szolnoki Szabolcs
Science and Tech Diplomat of Hungary in Tel Aviv

Adapting to the characteristics of the Israeli ecosystem as the Science and Technology
Attaché of Hungary in Tel-Aviv he focuses on projects of applied research, experimental
development and startup cooperation. One of the flagship frameworks supporting the joint
RDI activities is the Hungary-Israel call for proposals in industrial research and development
published on annual basis. As a priority taks Mr. Szolnoki assists the interested companies in
searching partners. The areas of cooperation and interest mainly are: life sciences, digital
health, cybersecurity, mobility and autonomous vehicles, space-industry. Szabolcs Szolnoki is
a doctoral student at the University of Pécs, Insititute of Geography and Earth Sciences.
Before his diplomatic service he assisted innovative Hungarian inventors in starting their
businesses and entering domestic and foreign markets.