Dr. Richárd Kiss, PhD

Dr. Kiss Richárd, PhD
Medical team leader

Dr. Richard Kiss earned his medical degree from Semmelweis University, after which he  obtained a PhD degree from the MTA-SE Momentum Molecular Oncohematology Research Group.  His research topic was the mapping of the genetic and epigenetic background of leukemias and lymphomas, during which he gained extensive experience in the application of molecular genetic  methods to support the personalized treatment of hematological malignancies. During his studies, he  gained professional experience in Taiwan, Germany and the Netherlands, and is a frequent speaker at  Hungarian scientific conferences as well as at patient education and scientific events. As the leader of  Medipredict’s medical team, he works to integrate the results of state-of-the-art medical testing with  omic studies to identify individual disease risks and develop personalized intervention options.