Szabolcs Budahazy

Budaházy Szabolcs
founder and CEO

Szabolcs Budahazy is the founder and CEO of ARworks, the AR/VR and mobile app developer company serving clients since 2010. ARworks’ team of 50 is a the leader of the Hungarian Virtual and Augmented Reality development market and among others have long experience in health and pharma related solutions. Besides the local market, ARworks has a strong presence in other foreign markets as well – like the UAE or Kuwait.

One of their biggest clients is Novartis’ HQ in Basel but they developed  projects for several other pharma companies as well. Among others there is a symptom tracker app for patients, a training app for nurses on the preparation of a drug, or an app helping patients and their families coping with a certain disease. 

VR technology gaining more and more ground in trainings. A good example for this is IVFSimPro, ARworks’ in-vitro fertilisation training simulator. The solution is launched during the Summer 2021 and helps professionals to learn the IVF process using either a VR headset or a simple browser based solution running on their laptop.