Pharma Ecosystem Innovation: Value proposition & real life experience

Mauricio Campos Suarez (Novartis AG) (az előadás angol nyelvű, szinkrontolmácsot nem biztosítunk)

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical is going through extremely Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) times due to external and internal factors. As we expand our horizons and we look again into our traditional Pharma Sales & Marketing business models we need to find new effective ways to partner with the ecosystem to unleash more meaningful and sustainable innovation in order to increase the value creation of our solutions and services “around/beyond the pill”.

“Competitive advantage is built not just by understanding customers’ jobs , but by creating the experiences that consumers seek both in purchasing and using the product or service.” – C.Christensen

Most large corporations have brilliant employees. These individuals are experts in their field able to produce innovative ideas based on their understanding of the customers' needs…. but this is not enough. Increasingly complex and ever-changing environment are pushing the limits for most industries today. In order for innovation to succeed we should be able to find innovative multiparty business models to increase chances to get it right and sustain it.