Improving patient outcomes and personalising healthcare with digital solutions

Maiko Liebermann, Digital Health Leader Oncology, Personalised Healthcare & Patient Access, Roche

Expanding and ageing global populations have given rise to an unsustainable growth in healthcare demands, placing our already overburdened healthcare systems under increasing pressure to ‘do more with less’. At Roche, as part of our approach to Personalised Healthcare, we are harnessing the potential of data, technology and analytics to help to overcome healthcare challenges and move towards more precise, evidence-based and tailored care. Backed by comprehensive analytical, technical and clinical studies, we are developing integrated digital health solutions that are outcome-driven and aim to deliver value for healthcare systems and patients. By making data more accessible and usable, digital solutions can improve workflow efficiencies and enable healthcare professionals to make more informed, timely and personalised care decisions. Outside of the clinic, digital solutions can empower patients to engage actively in managing their own health, which enables a shared approach to disease management in the clinic and supports patient-centric care. This keynote presentation will cover four different digital health solutions that aim to improve patient outcomes and provide benefits that go beyond the medicine.