Pharmaceutical vs Healthcare Company –The Pain and Gain of Digital Transformation

Bartek Madej (Novartis AG, Basel), Dr. Pénzes János (Richter Gedeon),
Moderátor: Ábrahám Attila (Egis Gyógyszergyár)

Bartek Madej (Novartis AG, Basel)

The Novartis digital ambition is to build a leading, focused medicines company powered by advanced therapy platforms and data science. “Go big on digital and data” is one of the 5 company-wide strategy priorities - this means embracing data science, digital technologies and artificial intelligence to transform the way we innovate, engage and operate at Novartis. We focus on four core elements of our digital transformation:

  • Scale 12 digital lighthouses – invest in technology platforms, including CRM, MDM, API
  • Make Novartis digital – rapidly build Data Science and AI capabilities; drive the digital culture transformation
  • Become the #1 partner in the tech ecosystem – scale a novel partnership accelerator: the Novartis Biome; complement internal skills and capabilities by partnering with startups
  • Pursue bolder moves – get ready for disruptive healthcare scenarios through large-scale alliances, e.g.: Microsoft (AI Innovation Lab), AWS (TechOps optimization), Tencent: Heart Failure patient solution in China”