Don’t Overlook Patient Needs

Don’t Overlook Patient Needs During Digital Transformation Design & Delivery! Ensure Patient Centricity In Transformation Initiatives For Better Services, Customer Operations & Outcomes - Rafaella Claudia Bondi (Roche), Dr. Kókai-Nagy Ákos (Biogen), Dr. Marton Klára (Egis), Moderátor: Dr. Rékassy Balázs (egészségügyi szakközgazdász, orvos)

With the increase in digital treatments, support, apps, therapeutics and more, how can we ensure that our digital strategies truly deliver what patients need and support patients through the transformation as more services pivot online? Gain patient trust to consent to data sharing to leverage more useful insights and design and develop better, patient-led digital innovation. Patient needs first: steps to embed the patient voice into early decision making and design for new innovations and transformation processes really incorporate the patient needs. Can we directly correlate internal digital transformation with better customer operations and patient outcomes?