Izraeli digital health startupok kerekasztala

Alon Kushnir (RedDress), Eyal Copitt (Cardiacsense), Jordan Rubinson (PulseNmore)  - Moderátor: Szolnoki Szabolcs (Science and Tech Diplomat of Hungary in Tel Aviv), (a beszélgetés angol nyelvű, szinkrontolmácsot nem biztosítunk)

CardiacSense is a MedTech company that has developed a best-in class, medical watch for medical grade diagnosis and monitoring of vital signs, arrhythmias, and chronic disease deterioration. The medical watch integrates proprietary patent-protected sensors and software algorithms to provide continuous measurement of parameters such as core temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate at CE and FDA-mandated accuracies – providing an alternative to costly, complex, and invasive devices. This addresses the increasing global demand for remote patient monitoring and tele-health. CardiacSense was founded in 2009 and is headquartered at Caesarea, Israel. 

PulseNmore is the emerging leader in connected, at-home ultrasound care, delivering convenience and efficiency beyond traditional in-facility imaging. Our unique, miniaturized ultrasound scanner docks with a patient's smartphone to delivery high quality images that can be created anywhere, stored and forwarded for clinical review, or shared as part of an online consultation. Founded in 2015, PulseNmore is based in Omer, Israel and is privately held.

RedDress developed a new tissue regenerative technology.

The company patented technology is utilizing the regenerative power of whole coagulated blood tissue, which has been validated in clinical studies to regenerate blood vessels, promote cells migration and cells growth; and heal tissue. Its first commercial product, the ActiGraft for chronic wounds, was launched in 2020 and is currently being sold to physicians in 8 countries including USA, Israel, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, Greece and Romania. The ActiGraft is FDA cleared, CE marked and is used daily by clinicians, acknowledging that ActiGraft can heal chronic wounds no other product can heal, with great economic efficacy. RedDress is in advanced stages of utilizing  its patented regenerative solution in other medical fields, such as surgery, gynecology, proctology and dermatology, conducting clinical studies and extensive R&D to support the clinical superiority and economic value of these new products.