Digital Health Summit

Digital Health Summit

 27th. February, 2020
Budapest Music Center

Hungary’s first Digital Health conference. Digital health conference for public and private health care, digital pharma, and manufacturers of digital medical products.

Topics: Digital Health Market, Digital Health Venture, Digital Ecosystem, Digital Communication for medical doctors, etc.

Keynote speakers

Sander Ruitenberg

Mr. Sander Ruitenberg
Global Head - Digital Health Solutions for Immunology, Hepatology & Dermatology
Novartis, Switzerland

Stephan Aderhold

Mr. Stephan Aderhold
vice president
Ekso Bionics, Germany


The Digital Health Summit brings together public and private health care, digital pharma, and manufacturers of digital medical products, venture capitalists ynd startups from around Hungary, to network, exchange ideas and to become more familiar with opportunities in Hungary. Our independent conference will become a significant event for many companies in the DH industry and is particularly important in Hungary given the explosion of business and entrepreneurship in the region.

Digital health is the convergence of digital technologies with health, healthcare, living, and society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery and make medicines more personalized and precise. The discipline involves the use of information and communication technologies to help address the health problems and challenges faced by people under treatment. These technologies include both hardware and software solutions and services, including telemedicine, web-based analysis, email, mobile phones and applications, text messages, wearable devices, and clinic or remote monitoring sensors. Generally, digital health is concerned about the development of interconnected health systems to improve the use of computational technologies, smart devices, computational analysis techniques, and communication media to aid healthcare professionals and their clients manage illnesses and health risks, as well as promote health and wellbeing.

Digital health is a multi-disciplinary domain involving many stakeholders, including clinicians, researchers and scientists with a wide range of expertise in healthcare, engineering, social sciences, public health, health economics and data management.


INSPIRED. Our speakers are leading real business transformation, driving change across the enterprise and actioning measurable digital innovation for their businesses. Get motivated from leaders and walk away with new ideas you can implement.

CHALLENGED. Rethink your current processes and business blueprints, the event speakers will challenge your way of thinking and allow you to realise that new methods may be your best way of moving forward sitting alongside your current beliefs.

TRANSFORMED. The conference agenda and speakers are put together as such to reveal insights into how some of the biggest organisations are going about digital, from real business use cases to success stories and where the challenges may lie.


NETWORKING. It's an invaluable part of events and where real value often presents itself, meeting those who are facing the same challenges and coming together to solve similar issues. Our agendas feature numerous opportunities throughout the day to meet like minded folk from various industries and backgrounds. We have previously had extremely positive feedback from delegates who have found long lasted business relationships with those who they wouldn't normally meet from opposite industries and largely seeking out the same solutions to industry wide transformation sticking points.


Digital Health Summit

Concert Hall


08.00 - 08.50 Registration, breakfast, networking
08.50 - 08.55 Opening - Rita Molnár (founder, Digital Health Summit)
08.55 - 09.15 Digital Ambulance ServiceGábor Csató, MD (National Ambulance Service)
09.15 - 09.30 Digitalization among HCPs and laymen – penetration, attiudes and behavior. - Balázs Kertész (Szinapszis)
09.30 - 09.50 Medistance healthcare - Fruzsina Mezei és Rudolf Mezei (Omron Hungary)
09.50 - 10.20 Empowering patients in an increasingly connected world - Sander Ruitenberg (Global Head - Digital Health Solutions for Immunology, Hepatology & Dermatology, Novartis International AG, Switzerland) 
10.25 - 10.35 Ekso-Therapy: Becoming Standard of Care for Neurorehabilitation - Stephan Aderhold (Ekso Bionics, Germany)
10.35 - 11.05 Ekso Bionics demo and panel discussionWhy is digitalisation important for health care? How can a technology company help with the rehabilitation process? What does the exoskeleton look like during operation? - Stephan Aderhold (Ekso Bionics, Germany), habil Gabor Fazekas MD, PhD (Hungarian Rehabilitation Society), Amanda Nelson (Vodafone Hungary), Moderator: Gábor Pete (Vodafone Hungary)
11.05 - 11.25 Coffee break, networking
11.25 - 12.00 Pharmaceutical vs Healthcare Company –The Pain and Gain of Digital Transformation  - Bartek Madej (Novartis AG), János Pénzes, MD (Richter Gedeon), Moderator: Attila Ábrahám (Egis Group) 
12.00 - 12.20 EESZTE - Bálint Szabó (National Healthcare Services Center)
12.20 - 12.40 The new digital dimension of health monitoring - Marina Pajtók (mywiwe)
12.40 - 13.40 Lunch, networking
13.40 - 14.20 Digital development in Hungary’s health care and health industry: building a digital ecosystem. The role of digitalization: improvement and protection of public health care. What are some of the problems in public health care that can be solved by digitalization? What has been solved already and what still needs to be done? -  Gábor Csató, MD (National Ambulance Service)Zoltán Csiki, MD (EFFHÁT, EMMI)Miklós Szócska, MD (SE) (Skype), Moderator: Szabolcs Szolnoki (Embassy of Hungary in Tel Aviv)
14.20 - 14.40 When will pharma companies put patients first? - Szilvia Horváth (Egis Group) 
14.40 - 15.10 How can smart gadgets connect to health care services? - Tamás Garam (Novartis Hungary), Bálint Szabó (NHSC), Gyula Király (Hospitaly Kft.), Moderator: dr. Zoltán Rajnai (Óbuda University)
15.10 - 15.40 Digital Health Market: a snapshot of the present and a glimpse into the near future. What have we learned from our success stories and failures? - Attila Ferik (GE HealthCare), Béla Megyesi (SIEMENS Healthineers), Moderator: Balázs Rékassy, MD
15.40 - 16.00 Digital diabetes management - Barnabás Szabó (77 Elektronika)
16.00 - Coffee, cake, networking


13.25 - 13.50 Challenges in online health communication - Tamás Horváth, MD (ENT House Budapest)
13.50 - 14.10 Cyber incidents and digital health: challenges and potential solutions -  Eszter Takácsi Nagy and Zsombor Orbán (Andrékó Ferenczi Kinstellar Ügyvédi Iroda) 
14.10 - 14.40 Venture Capital in the health industry  - Péter Balogh (Baconsult), Zoltán Szűcs (MFB Invest), Péter Tánczos (Euroventures), Moderator: Barnabás Málnay (Smartware.Tech & WS)
14.40 - 15.10 A roundtable of digital health startups: the challenges of starting out. What are the limits to growth? Experiences gained in international expansion. How can startups co-operate with the health care industry?  - Tamás Havlik (DiabTrend), István Peták, MD, PhD (Oncompass), Fanni Straub (Foglalj Orvost), Moderator: Dániel Varga (Schoenherr Hungary)
15.10 - 15.25 The societal and economic benefits of digital health interventions - Zsombor Zrubka, MD, MBA, PhD (Corvinus University)
15.25 - Go to the Concert Hall or Coffee, cake and networking

Ábrahám Attila

Attila Ábrahám
Digital Patient Solutions and Strategic Portfolio Lead
Egis Gyógyszergyár

Balogh Péter

Péter Balogh
NNG founder, angel investor, Baconsult

Csató Gábor

Gábor Csató, MD.
director general
National Ambulance Service

Dr. Csiki Zoltán

Dr. Zoltán Csiki
helyettes államtitkár

Fazekas Gábor

Gábor Fazekas, MD, Ph.D.
Hungarian Rehabilitation Society

Ferik Attila

Attila Ferik
Managing Director, Senior Director Software Engineering, GE Healthcare Hungary Ltd.

Garam Tamás

Tamás Garam
Digital leader, Novartis Hungaria Ltd.

Havlik Tamás

Tamás Havlik
CTO and co-founder, DiabTrend

Horváth Szilvia

Szilvia Horváth
Digital Health and Customer Insight Lead
Egis Gyógyszergyár Zrt.

Horváth Tamás

Tamás Horváth, MD, Ph.D.
Senior ENT consultant at Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital

Kertész Balázs

Balázs Kertész
Innovation and Managing Director, Consultant, Owner, Szinapszis Ltd.,

Király Gyula

Gyula Király
strategic director, Hospitaly Healthcare Informatics Ltd. 

Bartek Madej

Bartek Madej
Head of Digital and Innovation, Central, Southern & Eastern Europe
Novartis Oncology

Málnay Barnabás

Barnabás Málnay
partner, cofounder
Smartware.Tech & WS

Megyesi Béla

Béla Megyesi
Healthcare IT advisor, Siemens Healthcare Ltd.

Mezei Fruzsina

Fruzsina Mezei
Health Policy Expert & Health Economist at Medistance

Mezei Rudolf

Rudolf Mezei
Owner of OMRON-Hungimpex Ltd.

Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson
Vodafone Hungary

dr. Orbán Zsombor

Orbán Zsombor
Managing Associate
Andrékó Ferenczi Kinstellar Ügyvédi Iroda

Pajtók Marina

Marina Pajtók
külkereskedelmi vezető
Sanatmetal Kft.

Dr. Pénzes János

János Pénzes, MD
Digital Center of Excellence Lead, International Marketing
Richter Gedeon nyrt.

dr. Rajnai Zoltán

Zoltán Rajnai, Ph.D.
National Cyber Coordinator of Hungary; Hungary’s National Representative to ENISA Professor
Óbuda University – Hungary

dr. Rékassy Balázs

Balázs Rékassy, MD
health care manager

Szabó Bálint

Bálint Szabó
Elektronikus Egészségügyi Szolgáltatási Tér kialakítását és fenntartását végző főosztály vezetője
Állami Egészségügyi Ellátó Központ

Dr. Peták István

István Peták, MD, Ph.D.
Oncompass Medicine

Pete Gábor

Gábor Pete
vállalati megoldások
Vodafone Hungary

Straub Fanni

Fanni Straub

Szabó Barnabás

Barnabás Szabó
deputy director of the Development Department
77 Elektronika Kft

dr. Szócska Miklós

Miklós Szócska, MD
Institute of Digital Health Sciences at Semmelweis University

Szolnoki Szabolcs

Szabolcs Szolnoki
Science & Tech Diplomat
Embassy of Hungary in Tel Aviv

Szűcs Zoltán

Zoltán Szűcs
MFB Invest Zrt.

Takácsi-Nagy Eszter

Eszter Takácsi-Nagy
Andrékó Ferenczi Kinstellar Ügyvédi Iroda

Tánczos Péter

Péter Tánczos
Managing Partner

Varga Dániel

dr Dániel Varga
Schoenherr Hetényi Ügyvédi Iroda

Dr. Zrubka Zsombor

Zrubka Zsombor, MD., Ph.D.
assistant professor
Health Economic Department, Corvinus University